New Body Armor Military PE Ballistic Vest Light Nij Iiia Police Bulletproof Vest

Product Description New Body Armor Military PE Ballistic Vest Light NIJ IIIA Police Bulletproof Vest Color:  Dark navySize: Middle (M) construction:    Dark navy coat+protecting coat+cushion layer+bulletproof layer+ cushion layerM

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Product Description
New Body Armor Military PE Ballistic Vest Light NIJ IIIA Police Bulletproof Vest
Color:  Dark navy
Size: Middle (M)
construction:    Dark navy coat+protecting coat+cushion layer+bulletproof layer+ cushion layer
Material:  Dark navy serge, polyurethane black oxford,High-performance polyethylene fibre laid fabric+1 layer 5mm thickness foam
Protective area: Protective grade≥3 level,protective area≥0.3
Large(L)≥0.3   middle(M)≥0.28   small(S)≥0.26

Appearance : The coat don't have damage,floating threads,missed stitch.Protecting coat of bulletproof layer don't have defect of hole and damage. The surface of protecting coat is fluent.
Flexibility: It is confortable to put on and put off. It is flexibility when you dress in 
Bulletproof performance: It is in line with the standard when you use 7.62mm of 79 type submachine gun and Bullet caliber 7.62mm pistol cartridge (lead heart)of 51 type to shoot it from the distance of 5m,7m,10m( 2 level),under all kinds of circumstance, the protecting coat can not be penetrated,the hollow on backing≤20mm
Ambient temperature: -20ºC~+55ºC
Execute Standard: GA141-2010 
Weight :  Large (L)3.76 kg ,middle(M)3.50 kg,small(S)3.30 kg

Professional Bulletproof Vest (FDY3R-HH01(M/L))

Professional Bulletproof Vest (FDY3R-HH01(M/L))
Professional Bulletproof Vest (FDY3R-HH01(M/L))
Name/ model No.Soft bulletproof vest: FDY3-R  ( L  M  S )
SpecificationLarge size  ( L ), Middle size  ( M ), Small size  ( S )
ConfigurationDark-blue outer wear+ protection wear+bulletproof layers+amortize layers
MaterialDark-blue fabric  , film polyester, black cowhide cloth, 1 layer 2mm sponge +45 layers high-performance polyethylene fiber+2 layers 5mm foam
Protection area of bulletproof layerBelow the protection level III  , soft protection area of bulletproof
layer ≥ 0.25m 2
Large size  ( L ) ≥ 0.3M 2
The product  : Middle size  ( M )≥ 0.28M 2
Small size  ( S )≥ 0.26M 2
AppearanceThe outer wear of bulletproof vest has no dilapidation, unstable line,
leave out pin, the protection wear of bulletproof layer has no disfigurement of broken or dilapidation. The surface of bulletproof layer level off, no part apophysis.
Dressing agilityActivity convenient, easy to wear and take off, after dressing should
free to squat down, jump, pitch, run and turn etc.
Bulletproof performanceUse Chinese model 79 submachine gun, 51 type 7.62mm bomb, est in normal temperature  , high temperature, low temperature and founder separately in distance of 5m  , 7m  , 10m, the bulletproof layers are match the standard. (level III)
Operating environment temperature-20º C_ +55 º C
Output criterionAccord with the criterion of Public Security Department GA141-2001
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