A Microcentrifuge Tube for Every Application Labmate Online

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A Microcentrifuge Tube for Every Application Labmate Online

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Small volume liquid sample handling is commonplace across life science, biological and pharmaceutical research, as well as many other laboratories. The suitability of a tube to an application is essential for the success of any experiment. Liquid volumes of up to 2.0 ml can be prepared, mixed, centrifuged, stored and transported in a variety of specially designed microcentrifuge tubes.

The APEX family of microcentrifuge tubes from Alpha Laboratories offers a wide range of tubes to meet any laboratory’s requirements. APEX tubes are manufactured from hard-wearing materials with high chemical resistance, ensuring their suitability for a number of applications including boiling and freezing.

The APEX flip-cap range of microcentrifuge tubes feature secure snap-on closures to prevent spillage and contamination. The individual tube designs and physical properties provide options for users carrying out routine centrifugation, processing large batches of samples, performing RNA and DNA work where high recovery is essential, or simply needing added security from an extra clasp on the closure.

For more rigorous applications, as well as long-term sample storage or sample transportation, the APEX screw cap range of microcentrifuge tubes is ideal. The range includes tubes that have been 95kPa leak-proof tested, making them suitable for transportation of biological samples in accordance with UN3373 requirements. Standard, tethered or extra secure safe-grip screw caps are available in a wide variety of colours for easy sample sorting and identification. Added security is provided with the tamper-evident screw caps that are designed with a seal that snaps as it is opened.

Alpha Laboratories has developed the APEX range so that even your small volume applications have a perfect solution.

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A Microcentrifuge Tube for Every Application Labmate Online

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