10-Minute Biceps Workout Delivers a Quick Pre-Party Pump

2023-02-22 05:04:37 By : Ms. Vicky Jiang

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Follow along as MH Elite coach Tom Kemp's serves up a swift bicep session for when you need your t-shirt muscles on show but are pushed for time Carbide Sleev

10-Minute Biceps Workout Delivers a Quick Pre-Party Pump

Training has benefits that far outweigh aesthetics yada, yada, yada. Sometimes you just want a workout that makes your t-shirt muscles pop. For that, there's no one better to lead from the front than MH Elite coach Tom Kemp, whose 10-minute bicep finisher will have you dispensing with your long-sleeve shirts, even in the middle of Winter.

In his own words, Kemp brings you 'a brutal finisher you can chuck into your upper body days or just a quick pump if you’re going out.' So whether you're pushed for time or are just searching for something to spice up your arms sesh, this will certainly deliver.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and follow along the video with Kemp's sage advice and encouragement to ensure you complete every rep. Kemp recommends you 'pick a weight you can comfortably curl for 5 reps and don’t blast yourself out in the first round'.

You've been warned. Time to grab your weights and press play.

One minute work, one minute rest for 10 minutes.

Begin with the hands just outside of shoulder-width apart and a supinated grip (palms facing towards you). Keep the elbows locked into your waist and bring the barbell up to almost meet your chest. Kemp says to 'We’re really looking for that slow controlled eccentric movement, 3-4 seconds on the decent, to keep the biceps under tension.'

10-Minute Biceps Workout Delivers a Quick Pre-Party Pump

Industrial Nozzles Start with the dumbbells either side of your body with a neutral grip (palms facing towards the hips). Keep the elbows glued to your waist and bring both dumbbells up to meet your shoulders. Kemp adds 'Get a good squeeze at the top and control the weight back down. Keep your shoulders pinned back and don’t cheat by using the hips.'